West Hill Equine Sports Therapy
Offering Infrared and Photonic Technology
Sports Therapy
Massage, Chiropractic, Infrared, and Photonic Therapy.
Your horses health is important. Improve performance levels and heal injuries.
I offer treatment sessions for pre-eventing, injuries and maintenance of healthy muscles.

Optimize your horses performance

Massage can allow your horse to reach its fullest competitive advantage, recover faster and build stronger muscles.

Offering sessions with a Thermotex Infrared Equine Blanket ieal for pre-eventing, reaching maximum benefits from massage, and more.
Try Red and Blue Light Photonic Therapy with the AHH Laser used for Accupresure and Pain Relief.
  1. Massage Therapy
    -Improve Joint Mobility -Improve Flexibility -Increase Range of Motion -Relief of Muscle Spasm -Reduce Toxin Build Up -Increase Circulation -Decrease Injury Recovery Time -Improve Digestion, Respiration, and Elimination Can Help to Improve Behavior and Attitude!
  2. Thermotex Infrared Therapy
    Thermotex is a deep penetrating infrared therapeutic pain relief system different from all other types of therapeutic products on the market today. It is used for the temporary relief of pain resulting from the inflammation of the joints, tendons and tissues associated with conditions such as arthritis, lameness, inflammation and degeneration of muscle tissue, tying up and more!
  3. Photonic Therapy
    -Reduces pain and swelling -Increases lymphatic activity -Strengthens the immune system -Accelerates cell regeneration -Increases circulation -Relaxes muscles -Increases anti-viral properties -Encourages collagen production -Regulates serotonin levels

Does your horse need Sports Therapy?

It is my goal to help your horses feel the best that they can feel. From ill fitting tack to a stumble in the field there are lots of reasons why your horse could need massage and chiropractic therapy. They could be showing you signs with behavioral issues such as, tail swishing, rubbing or tossing their head, fighting the bit, resistance to bend, transitional bucking and so much more!
  • Allyss Tymo  C.E.M.T
  • Certified Equine Massage Therapist by: EquineRehab Sidonia McIntyre
  • 780-288-1274
  • Serving Edmonton and Area    *Travel rates may apply
Is your horse injured? Does it need frequent treatments?
Contact me to work out a treatment plan that will work best for your horse. Initial assesment & 1st session will be required.
It is best to have your horse on a maintenance program. Ideally every 3 months, more frequently if recovering from an injury or high performance levels.

Make sure you have your horse on a balanced diet with appropriate supplements that meet the needs of your horse. This is very helpful in preventing ulcers and making sure your horse has all the nutrtional value it needs to recover quickly and build strong muscles.